State of Mood

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Elegantly opinionated.

A London creative balancing life between Valencia and Geneva, Flossie’s influences include the Art Deco period, Jean Paul Gaultier and Saul Bass.

After studying fashion and interiors at UAL, Flossie began buying and selling vintage clothing and interior pieces on a private client basis.  From there she decided to develop a collection of work to compliment the vintage pieces thus resulting in commissions for a wide range of clients, including Elle Macpherson and the charity Right to Play.  She has exhibited in London and Valencia.

Her work is a reaction to the invasiveness of modern society and how we communicate. Working in pen and ink or oil Flossie conveys her thoughts and emotions through symbolic images.

State of Mood


A compassion for peoples stories and memories she recreates their narrative with grace and subtlety using their shoes. The images include dates, messages each with their own personal message relating to a chapter in their life.  Both elegant and thought provoking.

T shirts

Each chapter begins with pen and ink images concluding in a collection of t-shirts inspired by the artwork. She uses her screen printed images as a backdrop for the State of Mood at the time. Expressing her thoughts and ideals with spontaneity, customising the t-shirts as a work of art, each piece is numbered and signed.

Flossie is currently working on a new collection of oils and prints.


For all enquiries: flossie@artbyflossie.com



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