State of Mood

2019: Back in the UK

New Collection Coming Soon


After a short period living and working with the local art community in Valencia, Flossie is currently back in the UK working on a new collection.

Having studied fashion and interiors at UAL, Flossie has translated her interiors experience into original artwork for beautiful spaces thus resulting in commissions for a broad client base. She has exhibited in London and Valencia.

Flossie interprets our love of provenance and memories through a sensitivity to everyday objects and old fashioned communication. Working in pen and ink or oil she conveys her thoughts and emotions through symbolic images.

State of Mood


A compassion for peoples stories and memories she recreates their narrative with grace and subtlety using their shoes. The images include dates, messages each with their own personal message relating to a chapter in their life.  Both elegant and thought provoking.

For all enquiries: flossie@artbyflossie.com



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