The Fine Art of a Siesta

Just as a flamboyance of flamingos must rest during their journey, so must we during our migration through the day.

This is still a fairly new and sometimes sporadic ritual for me but the results have been beneficial. I have discovered that the beauty and finesse of oil on canvas manipulated with careful nuance is heightened by the relaxed earthiness of an afternoon kip.
Slip out of your shoes, lift those legs and nestle somewhere smooth and comforting.
As a flamingo lifts a leg to take a load off so must we. Siesta or forty winks, is there a difference?
Do we do it standing up or sitting down? Is the shade of a sombrero enough or should one de-robe?  Should a siesta be a solo performance, perhaps, as to siesta with another may result in no siesta at all. A group siesta, well, that’s a whole different blog…
So many questions about such a straightforward but often forgotten ritual. If we were going to plan the perfect siesta maybe the following rules should apply.

1. Your day must begin feeling refreshed and sated from a fulfilling evening. With the mind switched on and buzzing it will be noon before you know it and you’re flying though the motions. As the clock ticks round to 1.30 thoughts move to lunch.

2. The all important dish to tantalise a delicate nap but not too much to leave one comatose. Living in the Spanish city of Valencia (rice central) paella is top of the list but steady yourself, less is more. One mouthful too far and you’ve upset the balance. Whilst on the subject of balance I’d save the wine for Friday or the weekend, particularly if you intend not to siesta alone.


3.I would not recommend de-robing in the office in preparation for forty winks at your desk, but if lucky enough to lunch at home slipping into your favourite t-shirt could aide the relaxation process.


 4.In order to settle it would be prudent to organise a gentle alarm call and then decide on some ‘white noise’. Something succulent yet delicate enough to lose oneself in a full on doze.

5.It has been proven that a short but rich rest during the day can result in a wealth of creativity for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Imagine turning a pointless day into a limitless one.

6. Do not. I repeat do not be tempted to make that last call. Especially if dealing with disgruntled partners and/or lovers. You’ve been dealing with demands all morning and wish to do so successfully and with patience in the afternoon so hang up and take the rest. The anti-climatic siesta (where one never quite loses oneself) has been cause of many a frantic afternoon…in some cases longer.

img_27477. And finally the discipline known as practice. To overcome temptations, distractions and the pressure of a short time frame takes practice. Practice makes perfect and soon the stresses of everyday life are put back into perspective and the paint starts to flow with ease and elegance across the canvas of our lives.

I write because I love.